Atlanta Karaoke Bar Organizes a Unique And Luxurious Space For Party

Encore KTV is the famous Atlanta Karaoke Bar in Duluth. They serves best cocktails, bring the hottest DJs within Atlanta, listen to amazing EDM from regular DJs, or sing favorite song, music in VIP karaoke rooms. It opens daily at 7 pm to 3 am from Monday to Saturday. Only on Sunday it closes early at 1 am. Free entry is there. While Atlanta rarely dips below 20 degrees, our damp, gray winter days lingering in the 40s gets in the bones. Wrap hands around a warm cocktail to keep that chill at bay.

At Encore KTV, Atlanta Karaoke Bar is amazing local DJs that will make hit the dance floor when you hear their beats. The events of famous DJs like DJ Jetpvck, DJ Weaponz, DJ Nebo, DJ K1 Netik, DJ Momo are organized there in the demand of audience. Jet kamchamnan is also known as jetpvck . He is an artist, Producer, DJ based out of Atlanta, GA. His music brings an uplifting feeling and his DJ sets leave an unforgettable experience.

Atlanta Karaoke Bar provides a room booking facility for an hour or many hours. DJ Weaponz is djing over 15 years. He has format style going in between different genres like edm, hip hop, r&b and reggae always keeps the dance floor asking for more. DJ Nebo starts his career in DJ at the age of 18. DJ Nebo’s first set up was on a pair of American DJ belt-driven turntables and Gemini PMX-12 mixer. He worked as a lighting video and sound technician for some of Atlanta’s biggest Nightclubs.

 Atlanta Karaoke Bar gives special room services like Standard Rooms, Party Rooms, and VIP Rooms. These rooms have different charges on different days. They are as given below:-

Standard Rooms

  1. $30 an hour – Sunday to Thursday 
  2. $40 an hour – Friday and Saturday

Party Rooms   

  1. $50 an hour – Sunday to Thursday
  2. $60 an hour – Friday and Saturday

VIP Rooms   

  1. $60 an hour – Sunday to Thursday
  2. $70 an hour – Friday and Saturday

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